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  • Castle Collision

    Castle Collision

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    Castle Collision Location: 80 Swalm St Westbury, NY 11590 Phone: +18002463368
  • Kimberly S.

    Kimberly S.

    I would recommend everyone to come here for any car service, mike was very friendly and pleasant. They took care of me and my car and made sure they went over everything that would be happening to the car. He was willing to work with me and will continue to go here for all of my car needs.
  • Michael R.

    Michael R.

    There's nothing more I can say but... THANK YOU, Mike Hansen and the people at Castle Collision!

    A little while ago I was rear ended and gave Castle a call. The next day I drove by and was greeted by a kind young gentleman who led me inside to the main office. Upon entering I was introduced to Mike. He helped me from start to finish. He guided me through the whole process from filing my claim through the at fault insurance company to coordinating my rental car pickup.

    While I was waiting for my car to be repaired, his kind secretary would contact me with updates which made it more comfortable for me to leave my car with them!

    Ultimately, what I'm most pleased about is Mike DELIVERED on his promise of restoring my rear ended vehicle to its original condition!

    I will most definitely be referring your services in the future! Thanks for everything!

    Pros of Castle Collision:
    EXCELLENT Customer Service
    Friendly Staff
    Work was done ON TIME!

    Cons: None
  • Maame Q.

    Maame Q.

    Wow where do I begin!!! From the moment I called they calmed my nerves and made me feel like everything was going to be okay even though I was a little freaked since my accident. They had me come in immediately and coordinated with enterprise to set up a rental for me. Once I walked in I was greeted by friendly faces. The office space was very professional looking and they had coffee and baked goods for the customers. I mainly dealt with Mike and when I say he updated me on everything I mean just that.. he kept me in the loop as to everything that was going on and was always open to answer any questions. They had my car fixed in only a few days which was great!! No lie my car actually looks soooooo much better than it did before the accident!! They not only fixed my car but went the extra mile to make it look new and restored!! Thank you Castle Collision you are honestly the BEST auto body shop I have ever been to!
  • M M.

    M M.

    Back in August I got slammed by a car that tried to merge onto my lane like I wasn't there. I checked out local places. I take reviews seriously for this kind of thing: As a single female and someone not savvy about cars, I am wary of being cheated and bullied. I imagine auto body shops do not expect repeat business so they don't really have an incentive to provide great service. And you're here because you got into a vehicular Incident, so you're already super-stressed and trying to navigate the whole stuff around iInsurance and DMV and who may sue whom....  Castle got good reviews, and the reviewers seemed genuine ( I check out their other reviews, notice the dates, etc,). I visited and liked the place. Mike showed me around the whole garage and the other cars there. I checked out another place and it looked condemned and was closed. Got an estimate. My insurance company insisted I also go to their approved shop and also liked that place. Castle's estimate was much higher, but Mike explained the variance, and I felt I understood the adjudication process enough to go with them. Everyone was nice and professional. They completed the repairs on time--less than a week. They kept me informed. My car looked great. They checked up on me afterward and warranted their workmanship. They are open on Saturday mornings, which gave me more flexibility around my work hours. They and Enterprise teamed up to meet me at the garage to drive me over for my rental vehicle, and I was able to just leave it at Castle. FYI they don't accept credit cards. Also: After I dropped off my car, I had to return to take some stuff I had left behind (my garage opener!), and Mike also spotted other things I had left (EZ pass! iPhone charger!) ‍. That was really stupid of me! And I was lucky I got there before they closed! I wonder if they want to create a checklist to give to customers, because I can't be the only idiot. They really helped me through what could have been a really harrowing experience
  • Sally M.

    Sally M.

    I highly recommend this shop. They do excellent work. Steve was so helpful from the beginning to the end. The whole staff is very nice.  I will definitely recommend Castle Collison to all my friends and family.
  • Tommy T.

    Tommy T.

    Never Been happier with an autobody shop. They made the process from beginning to end stress free. The staff is A+
  • Virginia K.

    Virginia K.

    Great experience. They were fast, responsive and relaible. What else can I say.  I would highly recommend.
  • Cat L.

    Cat L.

    I had the unfortunate luck to have someone run into my leased car's driver's side door when I was stopped at a stop sign. Insurance covered everything, and sent me to Castle Collision in Westbury to get my door replaced. Upon entering, I was greeted by the office manager, Paula, whose smile and kindness helped me get through the unpleasantness of having to get one's car fixed. I was next greeted by the manager of the business, and then my individual case manager, both of whom went over the top in customer service. I received updates on my car, and never had to worry about extending the rental myself, as Castle took care of everything! They even have the rental cars on-site so that Castle is a one-stop-shop for all your car care needs. My car turned out just as beautiful as before, thanks to the attention to detail and the blending of the paint into the rest of the car. DEFINITELY recommend, and I will be back if I ever need detail work!
  • Vishal S.

    Vishal S.

    On September 22nd 2017 i was involved in a car accident, the events that were to succeed this incident were as horrendous as my crash. I walked into castle collision in Westbury, New York on a recommendation of a family friend and was greeted by a man named Mike Hansen. The man was very eager to see me and was delighted to see that my car had suffered a hit and kept insisting that i leave my car at the shop because after talking to him i was getting suspicious because i don't easily trust auto body personnel without conducting prior research. After leaving my car there it took them more than an entire month to fix my car, the damages were as follows : cracked bumper, broken tail light and broken rear quarter panel. This took them more than a month to fix and each time i called to inquire about my car he would give me an excuse saying they ordered the wrong parts or that i need to bring in the check before the car is even fixed!!!! He took apart my car and kept it unassembled for more than a month until Geico issued me a check and i brought it to them. After presenting them with the insurance check which was over $5,000 for a 2009 Honda Accord!!! They still did not put together my car until the check had cleared which took another 5 days. They are extremely unprofessional people and Mike Hansen especially is a liar, he kept telling me "Oh you'll get the car tomorrow" and he used that line for more than 8 days. It took them 34 days to fix my car. Best thing about this whole situation is that before i left my car to Mike Hansen in September, he told me that this shop (Castle Collsion) doesn't use after market parts, when i got my car he specified that my bumper was after market. They definitely pocketed the insurance check and used low grade parts on my car, anyone who knows anything about cars will absolutely know that a 2009 Honda Accord AFTER MARKET BUMPER AND QUARTER PANEL WILL NOT COST $5,000. I am extremely unhappy with the job. When shined under a glaring light my bumper does not even match the color of my car and it has ripples and bumps underneath. I am deeply saddened that i went here and am considering a lawsuit. PLEASE AVOID THIS ESTABLISHMENT, SAVE YOURSELF STRESS !!! PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR FURTHER DETAILS. These people are not to be trusted!!!!!!!!
  • David K.

    David K.

    ZERO STARS. terrible experience. I brought my BMW in to have some small scratches checked out, the guy Steve told me that it would be a few hundred dollars and to pay before I get the work done. I said to him I will have to think about it can i have a written estimate of exactly what you are going to do on my car, and he tells me no thats a cash price. I told him I was paying with my credit card. Once I said that I was nothing to him. He blew me off and pretended he had something to do. After sitting there for 20 minutes waiting for my estimate he says the price changed and he brought it up higher and told i cannot do credit cards either cash or certified check. I said to him "okay I'll pay cash" He said "yeah the boss likes cash he doesn't have to pay tax on it", "you know how that goes" no Steve, I don't know how that goes. After talking to him for a few more minutes I felt confused and uncomfortable with this whole transaction I left. DO NOT TRUST !!
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